October 2005

I didn't think we had a brain drain?

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I remember vitriolic attacks in years past on anyone who would suggest our best and brightest had gone awol.

Now our taxpayer dollars are funding a campaign to entice those who aren’t a problem back to solve the problem we don’t have.

Nice one.

Jordan denigrates handicapped with comments

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Jordan Carter today has placed troll like abuse on this site saying for no reason that I can fathom;

“You’re a fucking retard, aren’t you?”

Now, I am no sooky buba, but I do take umbrage at such gratuitous name calling, and find it amusing to say the least that one of the biggest apologists for Liar-bour and socialism in general as well as the PC nonsense that id pervading our society that he should use the word retard.

It is insulting to intellectually disabled people to say the least, mind you the insult doesn’t have quite the impact calling some-one “a fucking intellectually disabled person”.

I suppose next we will get a post on his blog saying he was just running a little test, I insult them and they insult me back…see I told you the right was a pack of rabid, child eating bastards….oops sorry children born out of civil union.

Jordan’ I’ll take you seriously when you and party stop lying to the country, stop stealing taxpayer funds to assist your campaigning and generally just get out of every-one lives.

Best student protest award

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Victoria University students give Christine Turner the “eye” when told of fee rises of hundreds of dollars for next year.

Students are furious that Victoria University voted yesterday to seek an exemption from the Tertiary Education Commission to lift fees by up to 10 per cent for most humanities and education courses.

Best they seek out Jordan and his apologists to ask why after voting enmasse for Liar-bour they cop this lot.

I say good job, serves you right you sooky academic socialists.

Cops are seriously rooted

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After years of neglect with a patsy Minister and a toady Commissioner are finally coming home to roost for the Government.

We seem to get daily stories of their incompetence, work overload and blantant revenue gathering.

Today we get the story of the victim doing their work for them and the cops not bothering to complete it.

Does anyone buy these anyway?

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Car buyers are being warned not to buy cars built by MG-Rover after they went tits up.

My question is, Who buys these crap cars anyway?

PM rejects claims of interference

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Well of course she would, I mean she didn’t notice how fast she was travelling and is a prominent renowned artist, so of course she would know there was no interference.

More to come on this I think. I wonder what LRWB will tell me?

Howick Councillor shows Council the way

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Further to my post the other day regarding the strange decision by the Manukau City Council to introduce apartheid-like standing committee’s for Maori only, Stuff has finally woken up and published two articles regarding their decision.

The first article suggests that Councillor Jami-lee Ross’s comments that

“With the recent decision to create a Maori standing committee the council has decided to introduce 21st century apartheid into the city. What they have done … is they’ve chosen to send a message to every non-Maori in the city that they are now second class citizens.”

is somehow a slur dividing the coucil. Well Mr Ross (himself part-Maori) can hardly be slurring anyone or anything when he simply states facts. The coucil did create a Standing Committee for Maori only, the committee does confer addtional rights for Maori in Manukau that other citizens do not enjoy and further this is in direct contravention of Article three of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Deputy mayor Anne Candy says what Mr Ross is saying is “dreadful”.

Reeaaaaallly, “Dreadful” How can wanting equality for all and level playing field for all citizens be “dreadful”?

Councillor Dick Quax also agrees with Mr Ross.

“Twenty-five years ago when I was an international athlete I refused to go to South Africa and to run against South African athletes because of that country’s policies of racial separatism. It now appears that the separatists have taken over the Manukau City Council.”

The second article tells of how the council voted to introduce the controversial Standing Committee. Deputy Mayor Anne Candy is again attributed with a leading role that demonstrates her bizarre grip on reality.

Ms Candy moved that a Treaty of Waitangi standing committee be adopted because it had been called for, combined with a Maori ward, in seven hui held throughout the city in June and July.

Of course seven hui called for this, thats like asking the foxes if they would like the chicken coop doors left open at night…..of course they will say Yes, in fact they will say ” Hell, Yea”.

Manukau City Council is proving to be even as much farcical as it counterpart further north lead by a gutless muesli maker.

Additional links:
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Drivers dobbed-in by other road users

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I seem to be having a real bitch about police this morning, and here is another example of police getting their priorities wrong.

Instead of using scarce police resources to catch real criminals, Police are apparently now finding even further ways to ping the innocent motorist for little more than passing another car. I would hate to think what a vindictive person could do to somebody they don’t like.

An Auckland newspaper reported today that Benjamin Turner could not believe it when he received an infringement notice in the mail for overtaking a car on the inside as it waited in the middle of the road. The ticket for $150 arrived in the mail about three weeks ago.

“Somebody apparently complained about me and I received this ticket in the mail.”

He said he paid the fine because the notice said if he did not he would incur court costs, but he could not see how a civilian could get someone issued with a ticket when there was no police officer in sight.

This is what happens when a Govt demands further revenue gathering from police when they are already stretched for staff.

Not even taped evidence is enough

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New Police Minister Annette King has pronouced that the number of police under George Hawkins reign was sufficient.

Isn’t it a pity that the portfolio she has inherited won’t even investigate a crime when there is video taped fortage!

Parked in the carpark of Duder Regional Park, near Clevedon, security cameras caught thieves smashing the front window of his vehicle and making off
with three backpacks from the boot and sunglasses from the glovebox.

But the Mt Albert economist says when he reported the matter to Papakura police they treated it like an insurance claim.

“They had a film of the crime being done but they didn’t bother even when it was reported to them, the attitude was ‘It’s just an insurance job’,” Mr Rankin said.

Newmarket Crime Up 20%

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Newmartket Business Association general manager Cameron Brewer has pointed out that crime statistics for the Newmarket area show that crime in the past 5 years has increased by over 20% – and that’s just reported crime.

I think we all hoped that Annette King might recognise there is a problem with the NZ Police and that is a significant lack of them. Unfortunately she seems to be producing the same self fulfilling figures that George Hawkins lead the force down the drain with:

Mrs King told the Weekend Herald that the frontline police numbers had increased by 1400 since 1999. As part of the confidence and supply agreement with New Zealand First, a further 1000 police would be provided by 2010