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These comments are from the Stuff site.

Having voted at this election for a Labour/Green combination on the basis that Labour and Greens would be working together in government, I am horrified that instead Labour has ‘sold out’ and allowed itself to be bullied by two right-wing parties into excluding what has until now been a faithful running partner from its government.

Winston Peters is the most inappropriate choice of Foreign Affairs Minister imaginable – like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

I have always been a staunch Labour supporter, but in the future I will carefully consider before trusting them with my vote again. I voted left, expecting a left wing government. Instead a government has been delivered that is central at the very least, and appears to be incredibly unstable, having left its most stable and trustworthy partners out in the cold.
Debby Rawlings

I am disgusted by Peter Dunne and his arrogance/self righteous behaviour especially as his party received an insignificant proportion of the vote. Now he has a ministerial position while the Greens do have a mandate from voters but got shafted. I could not think of a worse candidate for Foreign Affairs Minister than Winston Peters. I am disgusted with Labour/Helen Clark for allowing this to occur. Better to call a new election. This whole thing sucks!
Leon Vryer

Big mistake, Helen. It makes signing someone else’s painting seem like small biscuits.

We’re embarrassed we voted for you.
Alex Stone

Is it not enough that the people of Peters’ electorate voted him out? What has to be done to rid New Zealand politics of his grinning chops and ego? I’m all for proportional representation, but to have a non-cabinet Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose own electorate doesn’t want him – from a fringe party – is pushing it too far. It’s time for a review of MMP and a referendum to see if NZers still want it.
Ian Johnson


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