Cathy on Paul

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Hong Kong’s most humourous blogger has disected Paul Swain’s love-life and new found family love.

An example of Cathy adding in her own personal experiences to spice the story up:
“7. Grabbing his crotch under the table in a restaurant is perfectly fine. Unlike a “20” man he will love every minute of it and not stand up and yell “what the fuck are you doing”. I have never used the “l” word on a Mr X before as chances are it may work. So use that sparingly. After his divorce Mr X will be telling every girl he meets that he loves them. Watch out for that as well.”

While you’re on Cathy’s blog, stay tuned for her next installment – housewives and expectations of disposable income.


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