Drivers dobbed-in by other road users

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I seem to be having a real bitch about police this morning, and here is another example of police getting their priorities wrong.

Instead of using scarce police resources to catch real criminals, Police are apparently now finding even further ways to ping the innocent motorist for little more than passing another car. I would hate to think what a vindictive person could do to somebody they don’t like.

An Auckland newspaper reported today that Benjamin Turner could not believe it when he received an infringement notice in the mail for overtaking a car on the inside as it waited in the middle of the road. The ticket for $150 arrived in the mail about three weeks ago.

“Somebody apparently complained about me and I received this ticket in the mail.”

He said he paid the fine because the notice said if he did not he would incur court costs, but he could not see how a civilian could get someone issued with a ticket when there was no police officer in sight.

This is what happens when a Govt demands further revenue gathering from police when they are already stretched for staff.


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