For crying out loud, when will it end?

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The Poms are f**king crazy PC idiots.

British banks are banning piggy banks because they may offend some Muslims.

First up it was a looney coucil banning pigs and images of pigs on their desks, now it is the looney banks.

Halifax and NatWest banks have led the move to scrap the time-honoured symbol of saving from being given to children or used in their advertising, the Daily Express/Daily Star group reports here.

Muslims do not eat pork, as Islamic culture deems the pig to be an impure animal. Salim Mulla, secretary of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, backed the bank move.

“This is a sensitive issue and I think the banks are simply being courteous to their customers,” he said.

What is it with this PC crap?

Why does every one elses sensibilities have to be offended to placate a vocal minority?

How come it was OK to offend Jews, Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons for all these years but not OK to offend Muslims?

“The next thing we will be banning Christmas trees and cribs and the logical result of that process is a bland uniformity,” the Dean of Blackburn, Reverend Christopher Armstrong, said.

“We should learn to celebrate our difference, not be fearful of them.”

At least one muslim has some sense.

Khalid Mahmoud, the Labour MP for a Birmingham seat and one of four Muslim MPs in Britain, also criticised the piggy-bank ban.

“We live in a multicultural society and the traditions and symbols of one community should not be obliterated just to accommodate another,” Mr Mahmoud said.

“I doubt many Muslims would be seriously offended by piggy banks.”

To be fair the issue has probably not been pushed by the Muslim Community rather some jumped up little twerp paid way to much who has come up with little public relations nightmare.


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