Go read your Koran says Thaksin

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Thailand’s Prime Minister has scolded the Saudi Arabian-based Organization of Islamic Conference to “read the Koran” before criticizing his military crackdown in the south.

Thailand has been struggling to contain rapidly escalating sectarion violence in southern Thailand, where most of this Southeast Asian nation’s minority Muslims live. .

The violence in the provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala has left more than 1,000 people dead since January 2004 when suspected Islamist insurgents burnt down 21 schools, raided a military base, killed several people and escaped with hundreds of weapons.

Ihsanoglu announced on Oct. 18 that the OIC was deeply concerned “about continued acts of violence in southern Thailand against Muslims, claiming the lives of innocent civilians, and inflicting harm on properties.” The official OIC statement, issued in Jeddah, did not mention the killing of Buddhists.

Thaksin’s response to that was;

“I would like him to read the Koran which stated clearly that all Muslims, regardless where they live, must respect the law of that land,”

“This means the Koran wants Muslims to live peacefully with people of other religions,” Thaksin said, referring to Islam’s sacred text which believers regard as God’s revelations.

“All Thai people are tired of the violence and want to see peace. I will do every by all means to end the violence,”


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