Herald On Sunday Apologises for making up story

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In a move that wouldn’t surprise anyone in the blogosphere the Herald on Sunday has admitted one of it’s reporters made up a story and has therefore apologised and sacked the offending reporter.

The Herald on Sunday apologises to Mr Anthony Solomona and retracts statements said to have been made by him in an article published on October 16, 2005.

Last week, the Herald on Sunday published two news reports based on a purported interview with former South Auckland police officer Anthony Solomona. Mr Solomona’s legal representative, John Haigh QC, wrote to this newspaper on October 17, saying Mr Solomona had not met anyone from the Herald on Sunday and that the statement that the interview had occurred was false.

The Herald on Sunday initiated an immediate investigation into the complaint. We regret to advise that Mr Haigh’s advice is correct.

The reporter who wrote the articles, John Manukia, has confirmed that the interview did not take place. He neither met, nor spoke to, Mr Solomona. The quotes as attributed to Mr Solomona were fabricated as was the reported content of the purported interview.

The Herald on Sunday deeply regrets the incident and any embarrassment caused to Mr Solomona. We unreserv-edly apologise to him and his family.

It seems Mr Manukia is one of those esteemed people that Chris Harrington was banging on about the other day having high degree of ethics. Manukia held a Diploma in Journalism.

One wonders when other media organisation will start sacking reporters for making up stories….oh wait, can’t do that they wouldn’t have anyone left working for them.


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