He's Dreamin'

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In the Herald today is the dreams and fiction that is Mayor Hubbard.

Dick “call me nice” Hubbard is in his office at Auckland City’s administration building feeling pleased about his first year in the job.

Does Hubbard think Aucklanders have warmed to him? Yes, they have. I am picking up the vibes as I go around. There are a couple of reasons. One, they respond very strongly to the concept of vision. When I talk about the vision of Auckland in 10, 20, 50 years people really respond to that.

Oh really, What vision would that be? The same vision through you gin-tumber glasses? Myopic, small minded and petty.

“Secondly, they want some niceness at the leadership level. People don’t like political point-scoring and have come to realise that you can be nice but make the appropriate tough decisions at the same time.

“John was an iron fist in an iron glove. I would be an iron fist in a velvet glove.”

What does the Bernard Orsman say? “Any fist would have done in the past year for the cereal-maker”

Iron fist!!! oh Ha ha ha, what a dick….oh yeah thats his name, DICK. DICK an Iron fist is an Iron fist whether you wrap it in velvet or not. The difference is Banksie used his Iron fist.

So what is the real results of Mayor Hubbards first year. ) Thanks to Aaron for pointing me to this.

C&R Now Team Leader Scott Milne had this to say about Dick Hubbard’s first year: “He has done more than John Banks in his first term: more overseas travel, more committee meetings, more bureaucracy, more rates increases all in one year and more smoke from spinning wheels.”

That’s simply damning stuff about Hubbard and his centre-left City Vision council.

And finally Baksie had this to say “This man … came in with such lofty ideals, no policy but much hope for a new style and the total mixture has been at least disappointing and, at worst, disastrous for the city. I would make the general observation that in Auckland City everything is more expensive and nothing is any better.”


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