Hooray for George W

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The Iraqi people have ratified their new constitution.

What I find amazing is the blatant spin placed on this momentous news.

CNN: The Iraqi draft constitution has passed, according to final results released by Iraqi election officials.More than 78 percent of 9.8 million voters in the October 15 referendum approved the document, officials said Tuesday. Turnout was 63 percent. [Neutral, gives the facts]

NZ Herald: Iraqi voters ratified a new US-backed constitution despite bitter opposition in Sunni Arab areas where insurgents are battling to topple the Baghdad government, results showed late on Tuesday.

Iraq’s Electoral Commission, giving final results from the Oct. 15 referendum, said 79 per cent of voters backed the constitution against 21 per cent opposed in a poll split largely along Iraq’s sectarian and ethnic lines.[Unbelievable really, the bitter opposition was in fact two out of eighteen provinces the third Sunni province actually fell below the required two-third majority required. What is with the MSM calling common thugs and terrorists “insurgents”, and are they really trying to topple the government, they can’t even take a hotel of journalists.]


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