Is this guy for real?

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Jailing men who beat their partners is not always the best option and some should be let off without conviction, a judge says.

What, let off without conviction. Is this guy serious? Does he suscribe to the “Fix me some eggs, Bitch” jake the Muss view of women in that they deserved it.

Judge Philip Recordon, who works at Waitakere’s pilot Family Violence Court, told a restorative justice conference this week that a hardline approach to domestic violence “flies in the face of reality” and fresh ideas were needed.

How is this for fresh ideas? What about if we re-institute the stocks and pelt the offenders with rotten fruit? Oh wait that isn’t a fresh idea, already been done.

Wait, I know, How about 50 lashes on the pee-pee with a wet shoelace administered by the victim?…..yeah now thats a fresh idea.

The Judge has previously pissed off people when he gave a wife-bashing All Black permanent name supression and discharged him without conviction.

Clearly he is seriously out of touch with reality.


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