Jordan denigrates handicapped with comments

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Jordan Carter today has placed troll like abuse on this site saying for no reason that I can fathom;

“You’re a fucking retard, aren’t you?”

Now, I am no sooky buba, but I do take umbrage at such gratuitous name calling, and find it amusing to say the least that one of the biggest apologists for Liar-bour and socialism in general as well as the PC nonsense that id pervading our society that he should use the word retard.

It is insulting to intellectually disabled people to say the least, mind you the insult doesn’t have quite the impact calling some-one “a fucking intellectually disabled person”.

I suppose next we will get a post on his blog saying he was just running a little test, I insult them and they insult me back…see I told you the right was a pack of rabid, child eating bastards….oops sorry children born out of civil union.

Jordan’ I’ll take you seriously when you and party stop lying to the country, stop stealing taxpayer funds to assist your campaigning and generally just get out of every-one lives.


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