Jordan is back and didn't we just miss him – NOT

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Jordan at Just Left is back from where-ever he went, and don’t we just want to gush with the welcome backs….no!!!

His latest posting is a case in point. Typical leftwing blithering about nothing in particular except how bad New Zealand company mangement is and how wonderful Unions are….

This then connected with another issue: during the election it was clear that people were wanting more cash in pockets. The short term way to achieve this is of course tax cuts, but you can’t keep delivering gains in income through tax cuts – you’ll run out of tax to cut.

The better approach is to grow productivity, and to have a labour market framework that prevents companies paying crappy wages – taken together they lead to a higher wage economy, where skills attract a premium etc.

Banal sort of shit that I would have expected from Michael Wood except he has sooked off the planet or back to the union job he probably still has, since the election.

The subject of productivity, of course, is at the heart of sustainably growing incomes. Unions have a major role to play, as the repository of much worker knowledge about how businesses work, etc. Management has an even more critical role to play: I have never been much impressed with NZ management’s stunning ability to sit in a rut, destroy capital, fail to export or innovate etc.

This really takes the cake… the whinings and musings of an import socialist. This is pure socialist drivel.

What precisely qualifies Jordan to make this comment?

How many people does/has Jordan employ/ed? My bet is none, ever.

How much of his own money (capital) is invested in businesses he owns/operates? My bet is none, ever.

Why precisely would someone who has put their house on the line and invested considerable time effort and not to mention capital be ever interested in destroying it?

Why do Unions and staff who risk absolutely nothing financially seem to think they have the god-given right to tell the risk-taker what and how everything should run?


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  • Leonidas

    This sort of socialist attitude really fucks me off. How mant times has the minimum wage been raised in the last couple of years? I quit my trade because I was sick of hearing ” sorry, theres no more money for you guys because we had to give the juniors a rise” when I started that trade an apprentice wage was half a new tradesmans wage, and about 30% of a master tradesmans, now its more like 70% of a tradesman and 55% of a master. I’d really like to know what the wage stats are, once you remove the politicians and all the government departments.