Josie Bullock sacked

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In a final fit of pique the Corrections Department has sacked outspoken Josie Bullock.

She had been under investigation by Corrections after she went public in frustration at a seeming lack of progress at investigating a sexism complaint she laid after an incident at a poroporoaki, or farewell, for male offenders who had completed a violence-prevention programme last December.

Ms Bullock had been verbally warned for refusing to move behind men at the ceremony, as required by Maori protocol.

She was found guilty last month of serious misconduct after repeatedly breaching Corrections’ code of conduct by speaking to the media without authorisation, and was informed of her sacking by letter yesterday.

In that letter, northern community Probation Service regional manager Astrid Kalders said the department could not continue to have confidence in Ms Bullock’s ability to do her job.

Her “deliberate and repeated” behaviour in airing concerns in public was behaviour that “reflected badly” on Corrections.

I would think that most Kiwis would think that the Corrections Department is the only one reflecting badly on the Department.

What a massive over-reaction to a tiny incident. That incident has only served now, because of the publicity, to show the Corrections Department to be nothing but a bunch of Politically Correct, pansy, do-gooders with a good streak of spitefullness.

Instead of punishing Ms Bullock they should have rewarded her. Now by sacking her they will have unleashed at the very least a constructive dismissal case for thousands of taxpayer dollars and at the worst for the department a drip feed media campaign about all the other PC, namby-pamby minority catering programmes the prison service runs straight out of the mouth of some one they sacked.


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