Labour Mutterings on Hides Spending

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NZPA reports that the Labour party is looking into Rodney Hide’s spending:

The Labour Party is investigating ACT leader Rodney Hide’s spending in Epsom with a view to lodging a petition in the High Court.

Mr Hide won the seat from National’s Richard Worth and brings to Parliament one other MP — Heather Roy.

Should a petition be successful a by-election would be held in which Mr Hide would not be able to stand.

Labour Party president Mike Williams told NZPA local members in Epsom were looking into the spending. The party would make a decision by October 25 whether to proceed with the petition or not.

As I’ve blogged previously, I’m not one who believes that National “needs” ACT. In fact, if they did not exist, and their whole (small?) 1.5% had have gone to National, then National would be the biggest party in Parliament, and NZF and UF would be offering National confidence and supply, not Labour.

There also seems to be quite a bit of debate around the blogosphere about what would happen if a petition were successful against either Bob Clarkson or Hide. Frogblog makes mention of this, and Blog-central does too. Having not read the Electoral Act, nor intending to any time soon, I won’t be attempting any predictions!


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