Labours Pledge Card F**k Up

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

According to NewstalkZb and Barry Soper, Labours Election Pledge Cards are under investigation by the Police for breaches to the Electoral Act.

It seems they weren’t approved by the Secretary of the Party….also was paid for by Parliamentary services so perhaps they could look at that as well.

Strange this, couldn’t find any link at all from any other MSM. The Greens meanwhile are bleating on about the referral to the Police of the Bretheren pamphlets, but nary a mention about the Labour Party.

UPDATE: TVNZ have picked up the story but buried it under the Bretheren issue.

Some Labour campaign material will also be investigated by police to check whether it has the correct party authorisation.

Two months ago the prime minister’s office confirmed Labour’s pledge card was paid for by the party’s “taxpayer funded” leaders’ fund. But electoral law prohibits that money being used for electioneering.[Not much to argue about here, is there?]

Labour claims it was within the rules to use the leaders’ fund, but that is something the electoral commission will now look at.

If it’s found to have breached the rules, the commission will decide whether that fund money should have been included in Labour’s overall election campaign budget of just over $2 million.

What about requiring the buggers pay it back or be prosecuted with “Theft as a Servant”????

Lucky for us taxpayers that the Speaker won’t be investigating and with Robinson on his last legs maybe someone in the Police will grow some balls and do something that isn’t sanctioned by the 9th Floor.


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