Liar-bour Government funding following disasters

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The Liar-bour Government had this stupid heading on one of their press releases a couple of weeks ago.

It perplexed me.

So I ask a few Random Impertinant Questions (thanks again G-Man)

  1. Is the government funding people who follow disasters? or,
  2. Are the government funds being allocated following the disasters and couldn’t they fund them before they became disasters? or,
  3. Are they only funding following disasters? Is this what happens for example if you are in a speeding motorcade and the first car stops suddenly and the other two following smack into the back of them causing a roadside disaster area? or,
  4. Has the government agreed to fund prescribed disasters and to gain funding you just need to have one?
  5. Is this the lists of disasters that get funding?;
    • Parekura Horomia eats more than any one thought possible at a State Luncheon and explodes all over the guests
    • Lianne Dalziel can’t help herself and joins her leader as a pathological liar
    • El Jefe doesn’t meet the quote this year of 500 sponsored appeals to the immigration minister
    • Michael Cullen relents and hands out tax cuts
    • Winston gets bored and fed up and says to Don, “look mate I’ll tip this trolley if you get me a job overseas somewhere.”
    • Ruth Dyson hits the bottle again and is found crawling in the gutter in Courtenay Place.

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