Liar-bours record in Education

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Remember this;

Labour’s Vision

Labour believes that every New Zealander is entitled to access quality public education of the highest standard, throughout their lives. Quality education ensures that every Kiwi, regardless of who they are and where they come from, can achieve their full potential and contribute to New Zealand’s society and economy.

Labour’s dream is for every student to fulfil their potential through education – and it’s a dream that every family has for their children. To achieve that dream, we have to strive for excellence.

For excellence to flourish, we need outstanding teachers that keep refining their teaching strategies to achieve excellent outcomes, schools with the leadership and resources to make that focus on excellence possible and families able to be engaged with their children’s education.

Turns out their vision is a little myopic. Liar-bours vision is falling short, how short? 1 in 5 students are being left behind and Who is to blame? Why the teachers of course. And who funds the teachers?

Our schools have more money, more teachers and more teaching and learning ‘tools’ than ever before. Operations grant funding has increased 30% since 1999 (14.4% when adjusted for roll growth and inflation). There are more than 3,000 extra teachers in our classes. That means smaller classes and more non-contact time for teachers – making time spent in the classroom better quality.

Yeah right, not according to the ERO. What about the strugglers?

We have gone ‘back to basics’. In 2004 alone, we invested $55 million specifically in boosting literacy and numeracy learning – and the positive results are beginning to show.

Like fuck they are, what a waste, $55 Million for what….1 in 5 failing.

In addition, research tells us that the quality of teaching is the single biggest determinant of learning success – so Labour has invested in more teachers, paying them better and giving them the ongoing professional development to keep growing their skills. Still, there is more to be done.

You betcha there is more to be done….fire all those over paid useless teachers that haven’t made one iota of difference to the students most in need.


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