Manukau City gets it half right and mostly wrong

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Last night at their council meeting the Manukau City Council rejected the formation of Maori Wards but have still headed down the slippery path of race-based policies by establishing a Maori Standing Committee.

Councillor Jami-Lee Ross in his Press release following the decision had this to say;

“As elected representatives we have a responsibility to give everybody equal opportunity to participate in the decision making process in our city. With the recent decision to create a Maori standing committee the Manukau City Council has decided to introduce 21st century apartheid into the city.

“New Zealanders no longer live in a bi-cultural country where only Maori and Pakeha faces can be seen. New Zealanders live in a multi-cultural society and Manukau is a very diverse city where over 165 different ethnic groups call this place home.”

Even that proposal may have been defeated except for the Mayor, Sir Barry Curtis, departing from the time honoured tradtion of voting for the status quo in a deadlock situation, instead voted to establish the Maori Standing Committee.

Again Jami-Lee Ross has some erudite comments on this issue;

“The Manukau City Council has decided to re-engineer democracy based purely on race, and that is wrong. What’s worse is that the decision was squeezed through by the slimmest of margins after Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis chose to exercise his casting vote.

“While Sir Barry is no doubt respected by a lot of people throughout the city, his decision to support race-based democracy will inevitably be seen as an endorsement of Deputy Mayor Anne Candy’s words when she said on nationwide television: ‘Maori are the hosts in this country and everybody else is a visitor’

“Those words disturbed a lot of people at the time and I am sure that many Manukau residents will have difficulty accepting this view from the leadership of their Council.”

It seems that many people in their headlong rush to “honour the treaty keep stopping at Articles 1 and 2. Most seem to have to have forgotten about the third article of the Treaty of Waitangi. Article Three constitutes a guarantee of legal equality between Maori and other citizens of New Zealand. This means that all New Zealand citizens are equal before the law.

The Manukau City Councillors, who voted to give Maori more rights and privileges as others, have completely ignored Article Three of the Treaty that they claim to uphold.

The council and indeed New Zealand could also learn a lot from the words of Governor William Hobson at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840: ‘He Iwi Tahi Tatou – We are one people’

One People indeed!!! Tell that to the non-maori people of Manukau who are now second class citizens.


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