Manukau City heading down the PC path to destruction

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The Manukau City Council is deadlocked on how to boost Maori representation in council processes.

The Strategic Directions Committee meeting has become deadlocked and mired in PC garbage and tokenistic arguments over boosting Maori representation.

The committee was not able to agree on a preferred option after about two hours of discussion, and the decision was deferred to tomorrow night’s council meeting.

There are three options for the council to decide

  1. Introduce a new, formal Treaty of Waitangi standing committee (Favoured only by Mayor Sir Barry Curtis.
  2. A minor modification to the council’s Treaty of Waitangi working party to allow urban Maori to be represented even though they do not have a direct ancestral connection to the area. Mana whenua, Maori with ancestral links to the area, are already represented on the working party. This vote was tied 8-8, but committee chairwoman Colleen Brown voted against the motion using a casting vote.
  3. Bring in a Maori ward system with two Maori council seats for the next elections in 2007 and establish a Treaty of Waitangi standing committee. The committee narrowly rejected this by 7-9.

Sir Barry Curtis is opposed to it, saying;

Maori and people of other ethnicities had been elected to the council under the current ward system and there was no need to change it.

Mangere councillor James Papali’i is clearly on Planet Outtahere, spouting arrant nonsense.

“Here’s an opportunity for Manukau City Council to show New Zealand that this is the way we should be going.

“What do we have to fear by recognising the true rights and values of indigenous people? We have nothing to fear.”

It seems that the only sane voice in the council appears to be Howick Councillor Jami-Lee Ross , himself part-maori saying;

“I think having a Maori ward or having a Maori standing committee would be going against the principles of fairness and equality and we should not be looking at them in any way.

“We should give everybody equal opportunity and not look at any option that would give one group special representation based on race.”

This mumbo-jumbo pandering to ill-thought out reasoning must stop and it must start tomorrow night at Manukau City Council. They must show the rest of New Zealand that tokenism is uncalled for and ridiculous.

Clearly the council could do with some input from National’s spokesman on Political Correctness Eradication, Wayne Mapp.


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