Ministers told: "Walk the plank"

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Yes, that’s right, don’t be foolish enough to believe the spin. The three press releases on scoop state that Marian Hobbs, Paul Swain, and George Hawkins “voluntarily” decided not to stand for re-election to cabinet.

I don’t belive it for a second. Here is the dead giveaway:

“Mr Hawkins, the serving Minister of Police, Internal Affairs, Civil Defence and veterans’ Affairs, says his caucus colleagues have indicated he would have support to retain a place in cabinet but he has decided against putting his name forward.”

Hawkins was sure to go, but I never expected to see Swain or Hobbs told to walk the plank as well. David Farrar made some predictions on cabinet posts last month, which did not include those two being dumped… er… “stepping down”.

Never the less, they are now gone. Exiled to the backbenches for the rest of their political careers.

The important question now is: does 3 exiting cabinet ministers mean 3 new Green ministers?? Jeanette and Rod for co-deputy-prime-minister?

I think WhaleOil and I will be leaving the country very soon!


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