Mr Grumpy and the Worlds Worst Spin

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Heh, Peter Dunne is no longer Mr Grumpy as he was on election night. We have a new contender.

Rod Donald is very tender and hurt, as his comments here reflect:

“It is the height of arrogance for NZ First to effectively veto the Greens involvement in the Government and then claim that we sit as part of the Government, while they who have taken a ministerial position sit in opposition,” he told NZPA.

“It’s very devious of them to take a ministerial post and then claim they are not part of the Government.”

He is refering to NZFirst’s desire to still sit on the opposition benches despite Winston being a part of the executive. Peter Brown has a strange way of justifying it:

Mr Brown said although the Greens planned to abstain from giving the Government confidence and supply votes, he believed NZ First should have first call to sit on the opposition benches.

“The Greens campaigned on supporting a Labour-led government and have said they could not support National, so we think they should sit with the Government.”

Mr Brown said he did not see it as a problem that Mr Peters would have to answer questions relating to his ministerial portfolios on behalf of the Government.

“Winston is a minister outside Cabinet and I’m sure he can handle questions from anywhere in the House.”


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