Oh the spin, who to believe?

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Apparently, according to the Herald and Stuff TVNZ’s top men have offered to quit as a penance for the appalling ratings currently being experienced by TVNZ.

Can this be true?

Well a little right wing TVNZ bird (LRWB) told me on Friday night that the rumours going around the hallowed halls on Thursday were that the pair were to be fired by the board on Friday.

I have no reason to dis-believe my LRWB. What I find amusing though is that apparently the whole staff knew about the imminent sackings before the board meeting.

This would lead me to believe that corporate governance at TVNZ is non-existant and that the lifer and long-term toadies and lackies seem to be running the show through the back door.

When speaking to LRWB I asked him how he manages to work there in such a left-wing den of iniquity. He professes it to be difficult. On questioning about the blatant left wing spin attributed to almost everything he said to me “You know, it’s kind of sad, they don’t even know they are doing it, it is sort of automatic and a given”

Anyway back to the focus of the post, it would seem that my LRWB is correct but that Fraser and Ralston have negotiated a face saving exit, i.e. Offer to resign, have the Chairman try to keep you, but say at the end your job is done so time to move on.

It is all spin. Why? Because they know no other way.


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