PSA alarmed about Razor Gang

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Ardent Liar-bour supporter and funder the PSA is alarmed at news that Mrs Peter Davis has convened a “razor gang” to trim/slash/hack (choose your own verb) expenditure areas, so they can pay for their coalition and election bribes.

Those would be areas that Liar-bour has previously said were vital and untouchable. In fact they accused National of wanting to slash spending and now they are heading the same way…..fucking hypocrits.

No wonder the PSA is upset…..backed Liar-bour with massive ad campaigns claiming National was going to cut spending only to find out Liar-bour has planned it all along. (Thanks Sir Humphrey’s for keeping these images….ahhh the power of the blogs)

Liar-bour needs to come clean now and tell New Zealand why it lied during the election campaign.

The PSA membership needs to ask its Executive why the union funded a campaign costing members thousands of dollars to get exactly what they were trying to prevent….Cuts to Public Spending.

This is why blind ideological groups such as Unions end up with shit all over their face.

Good job, hope it stinks, have fun wiping that off.


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