Someone is telling porkies

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The Sydney Sun Herald is standing by its story which quoted Winston Peters as saying he would enlist the support of Australia in order to get back in the good books of the US.

This is despite Winnie saying he didn’t and Helen saying she believes Winnie.

Our Prime Minister wouldn’t lie and obfuscate would she?, Nor would our Foreign Minister?
Surely the Sun is wrong?

On Wednesday the reporter who interviewed Peters, Frank Walker, said there had been a discussion about how Peters was settling in to his new job.

“I was asking about that and he made comments about how he would seek to improve relations with the United States and hopefully repair the situation to where ANZUS got operating again,” Walker said on National Radio.

“He did say that he would be seeking Australia’s help to do that.”We stand by our story. The way that Mr Peters chooses to react to it is his affair.”

Liar-bour and Winston deserve each other.


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