The Left is exploding with vitriol

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The combined left who just 4 weeks ago was trumpeting how they won the election and how it was a wonderful election proving support for continued social and liberal engineering has now all of a sudden turned puss faced with the result of Mrs Peter Davis’s grand bid for the long awaited third term.

Here are some quotes from Frog Blog

Where?s the means to achieve these [laudable] objectives frog? No seat at the table. Not even in the same room. Breadcrumbs after NZF/UF policies are paid for, if we?re lucky. Pathetic. A sellout. And where was the SGM to allow members to comment? Scared of a bit of bloodletting? Where?s democracy gone? We now rebuild a political party with cojones, or let?s all go home and stop wasting time and energy. 5.3% of the popular vote in 1975, 5.3% in 2005, and we now have spokespeople on solar heating and buying peanut slabs. What do I think. We just got screwed.

So, now that Labour has formed a Centre-Right government, where to from here? It does seem a great chance for the Greens to point out that they are now the only serious left-wing option for voters. I can?t imagine many Labour supporters will be happy to have ended up with Peters & Dunne.

I feel sick. Did all that vote splitting really indicate that the voters wanted the Ministers of Snake-Oil and Temper-Tantrums to be rewarded for their behaviour? WHAT IS SHE THINKING?

Well, I?m so pissed off I could spit. Dunne and Winston – the leaders of the two parties who specifically said they weren?t going to decide who to side with until after the election – and they get rewarded for it. They get rewarded for wheeling and dealing and playing each side off against each other, while the Greens – nice, polite and agreeable to the last – get shafted.

I?m with you, webweaver. And I?m struggling to understand *why* the Greens are supporting this coalition. Rod said that they were abstaining in order to prevent a National-led government: he just called it the ?bottom line? in a conversation with Campbell. But Clark doesn?t need the Greens at all to get to her 61 votes, so even a no-confidence vote on the part of the Greens would not bring the government down. Essentially they got very, very few concessions in exchange for giving up a position in the opposition where they may have been more effective.

And over at No Right Turn the sentiment continues;

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? That was going to be my post title if by some miracle Don Brash managed to form a government. But somehow, Johnny Rotten’s sneer seems appropriate to the new arrangements announced today. Labour voters, who voted for at least a nominally left-wing government, have got one so reactionary that the Greens cannot in good conscience support it.

And it is still better than a tax-cutting, wage-slashing, union-smashing, RMA-gutting, Maori-bashing National government led by Don Brash. But only barely.

Funny, most of the right seems quite relaxed about the whole thing, but then we have been there done that with the Tailor’s Dummy….wry grins seem to be the order of the day for the right.