Typical Unionists – Rocks in their fricken heads

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By now we have all heard the news of “the peoples” airline cutting jobs at their Engineering facility.

Terrible though it is that jobs have to go, it is clear that the cost of having their own facility is far greater than outsourcing to someone else. Air New Zealand has simply made a good business decision in the interests of it’s shareholders and as one of those who inadvertantly became a shareholder because of government intransigence over foreign ownership, I wholeheartedly agree with the business reasons for doing this.

But upon reading the Herald this morning I see that one of the main Unions behind the 5% pay rise campaign which could have indirectly lead to the situation at Air New Zealand is calling for the government to waive the student loan repayments for workers affected. Thats right, I kid you not.

Aviation and Marine Engineers Association general secretary George Ryde said many of those facing redundancy were recent recruits with student loans of up to $40,000.

He called on the Government to waive their loan repayments, at the very least.

Note he says at the very least, my understanding of his actual comments would suggest he wants the whole loan waived.

I can’t beleive these guys….next thing they will call for all workers made redundant from any job who happen to have a student loan to have that waived….this would massively balloon the costs of the scheme way past the already ballooning costs through Labours un-costed and unsustainable election bribe.

Further it has been revealed that Mrs Peter Davis knew of the plans to cut staff.


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