What a bunch of sooks

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The Greens are glad there will be Police enquiry into the Brethren Pamphlet distribution but are whining that it is all too little too late.

Mr Donald wishes the inquiry has been conducted before election night, as the pamphlets undoubtedly damaged the Greens’ chances.

If it had, Mr Donald says New Zealand may have ended up with a very different-looking Government. He says if the Greens had one more seat, New Zealand First would not have enjoyed the bargaining power it ended up with.

He says even if the Brethren are prosecuted they will only face a $3,000 fine, which Mr Donald considers to be rough justice.

He says the campaign was scurrilous and totally un-Christian.

Well boo-f**king-hoo, Exactly how was the campaign scurrilous and un-christian. They only told the truth and pointed out the lies and subertfuge of the definately un-christian greens.

I for one, and I am not a Brethren nor even what any one would call a church going christian, wholeheartedly support any organisation putting their money where their collective mouths are. After all we live in a democracy and enjoy certain freedoms. I actually reckon they should allow open slather on election funding.

The simple fact is that in the numerous points raised by the Brethren Church only one was wrong, only one, all the others were proven categorrically to be true….so who are the scurrilous ones.

This is just a case of the left being on the receiving end of a well funded campaign against them and not enjoying it….Uou haven’t seen National complaining about the millions of Union money being poured into supporting the left have you?


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