What a complete waste of time

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Six months since the Civil Union Act came into effect, only 205 same-sex and heterosexual couples have had their relationships legally recognised in this way.

What….205….Where are all the partnerships that were clamouring for recognition before the law was passed.

Tim Barnett said this just before the law was passed;

And what benefits will come from civil unions? Relationships left out in the cold for too long will be strengthened, by being given a label and some status in wider society. Both partners will gain from being able to prove their relationship, in a way that de facto partners never can, when needing to access rights, for example hospital visitation.

And that is, in my mind, what it is all about. It is a rare treasure in politics to find a solution to one lot of problems which doesn’t cause other problems to develop. That is what the Civil Union Bill does, and it deserves to pass into law over the next few days.

A solution to one lot of problems…what a crock this is one of those PC laws that Liar-boour apologists say aren’t PC at all.


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