What a load of crap

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Clearly the Auckland Coroner Murray Jamieson does not have any children or if he does has certainly never slept with them in the bed as babies.

His brilliant suggestion for avoiding smothering babies is;

Parents should put babies to sleep in a supermarket banana box rather than risk smothering them by taking them into their bed.

Anyone who has ever had a cat let alone a baby in the bed knows it is just not possible to smother them, the little bastards actually end up owning the bed, sleeping right across it until the parents are sleeping on their sides right on the edge of the bed.

What happens when you read down a bit more….You find that the risks rise further if the adults were drunk or drugged and hugely more if the mother was a smoker. Perhaps he should concentrate his message here rather than suggesting stuopid things like banana boxes.

What does the Ministry of Health think of his daft idea?

The Health Ministry’s chief adviser on child and youth health, Pat Tuohy, said bed-sharing had benefits and could be safe if the ministry’s guidelines were followed.

Boxes or drawers increased the risk of a baby’s death – from an ill-fitting mattress or bedding – so should not be used, he said, urging parents to use only cots or bassinets that met New Zealand standards.

And the University of Auckland?

Auckland University cot-death researcher Associate Professor Robert Scragg said bed-sharing increased the risk of Sids slightly, but the risk increased much more if the mother was a smoker.


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