Winston King-maker

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The Weekend Herald is running a story calling Winston the “king-maker” once again. Ruth Berry and Audrey Young make the point that it could be a 57-57 deadlock which Winston would need to break.

While I would rather have a National-led government than a Labour-led one, I really find it hard to believe that National could put together a deal that would actually work given the current make up of Parliament.

If push came to shove, I’m sure that Rodney Hide and Peter Dunne would put up with whatever arrangements could be put together to make a government work. I can’t see the Maori party being so accommodating though because in the eyes of Maori Party voters during the election campaign – National was the enemy.

I also think it would be just plain silly for National to get into bed with the Maori Party, no matter how desperate National is. One of Nationals premier policies during the campaign was the abolition of the Maori seats and toning down of the treaty grievance industry.

Stitching together a weak coalition deal that involved the Maori Party in any way would be sending the complete opposite message. National shouldn’t sell its soul for the sake of an unstable and unworkable government.

Update: …and Ian Llewellyn just echoed this on Agenda (9.23am)


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