November 2005

Axe the Tax

National has launched a campaign to axe the carbon tax, including a dedicated website.

Meanwhile there is some endorsement from sone suprising sectors 😉  

Greens, Jeanette Fitzsimons: "If you want to see more big trucks on the road and less use of rail, this is the campaign for you," she said. 

Well Jeanette, fine example but unfortunately there is little option to move anything to the provinces from almost anywhere without invoving trucks, so get a life you silly bint. 

Cullen was typically snide and sarcastic with his "Ho Hum" statement. The arrogance of the man knows no bounds. 

Lieberman says stay

Senator Joe Lieberman, yes a Democrat has come out in the press saying "America can’t abandon 27 million Iraqis to 10,000 terrorists."

I am with him on this one and what is very interesting is that this is a Democrat saying this, in fact, he is one of the first to abandon partisan politics and get in behind finishing a job started.

"the Iraqi people are in reach of a watershed transformation from the primitive, killing tyranny of Saddam to modern, self-governing, self-securing nationhood–unless the great American military that has given them and us this unexpected opportunity is prematurely withdrawn."

It is a war between 27 million and 10,000; 27 million Iraqis who want to live lives of freedom, opportunity and prosperity and roughly 10,000 terrorists who are either Saddam revanchists, Iraqi Islamic extremists or al Qaeda foreign fighters who know their wretched causes will be set back if Iraq becomes free and modern.

In my meeting with the thoughtful prime minister of Iraq, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, he declared with justifiable pride that his country now has the most open, democratic political system in the Arab world. He is right.

In a plea for sanity he bags wowser Democrats and worry-wart Republicans equally.

I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November’s elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead. 

Benson-Pope missing in action

Benson-Pope has announced he is unavailable for questions at the Social Services Select Committee next Wednesday, apparently with no excuse proffered.

Judith Collins is after the wayward minister with avengence.

 "I am disappointed that Mr Benson-Pope is not prepared to front up and answer questions about a big-spending Ministry that consumes a large chunk of government revenue.

 "Financial reviews are extremely important and if this Minister isn’t prepared to be accountable then he should move aside for someone who is."

 Mr Benson-Pope’s failure to attend next week’s select committee follows on from his no-show in Parliament last week to answer questions about a police report into historic assault allegations.

 "Mr Benson-Pope should be taking this opportunity to show the public that he is back in the saddle and earning his ministerial salary. Unfortunately, he has missed his opportunity," says Ms Collins.

Benson-Pope is a lame-duck minister, and this government is fast living up to expectations that it would fall into farce.

Karl du Fresne lines up Peters

Karl du Fresne has joined the growing list of journalists and commentators that are lining up Peters for his fall. They will all be willing helpers in making sure he fails again in government, although I am nor sure how they will be able to protect Aunty Helen for the shit that splatters when it all turn sour.

Anyway here are the money lines from his comentary. 

The problem is, Mr Peters is just not genetically programmed to be in government

At the moment his weapons system is confused because its normal target – the Government – has been placed off-limits. That’s why his range-finder has locked on to the media, its natural default setting. For their part, the media have sniffed blood and are circling like sharks. How else could you explain the presence of so many New Zealand reporters in Malta for an event as stupefyingly boring as Chogm?

The sooner Helen Clark pulls the plug on this unnatural experiment, the more we will be spared embarrassment. And Mr Peters – who I note has adopted the alarming habit of referring to himself in the third person – will be relieved of the humiliation of having to pretend he’s something he isn’t.

I'd like tea please and make it snappy.

Cullen closes loophole that had no "significant impact"

Cullen has announced today that he will pass changes to the legislation implementing the loans policy, despite him telling the house that, "No, I do not think there will be any significant impact in that respect".

The changes will: 

  • Ensure that refunds relating to the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 tax years remain subject to interest.
  • Prevent refunds being claimed for previous years unless the claims have already been lodged.
  • Remove the opportunity to apply for special deduction rates below the standard 10 per cent rate for the balance on the current tax year. 

One wonders about other loopholes out there awaiting closing that have no "significant impact". Not only has he closed the loophole he will do it retrospectively. Retrospective legislation is in essence an admission of poor policy, legislation and planning.

Some questions for parliament;

  1. Would the minister explain why if there was no "siginificant impact" he has closed the loophole.
  2. Why is the minister making the legislation retrospective when he told the house on 23 November 2005 that "I doubt they would be made retrospective".
  3. Given that the minister has said "I doubt they would be made retrospective" on 23 November 2005, could he please explain how he has not mislead the house in giving that answer.

Why don’t these bozos just admit that the policy is a crock and needs to be completely disposed of or re-thought by someone other than a failed history teacher?

Council votes to appoint Maori representative

We’ve blogged previously about the Manukau City Council’s decision to create a Maori standing committee and the undemocratic nature of that decision.

Waitakere City Council has just taken the next step forward by appointing Maori members to their regular standing committees with full voting rights. This takes the cake so far and will see unelected people making decision on behalf of residents and ratepayers in Waitakere City.

At least with the Manukau model the maori committee will only have powers of recommendation which will be scrutinized by the full council meeting each month. But with with Waitakere model, the appointed Maori members will have exactly the same rights as a full elected Councillor.

Both systems adopted by the Councils are completely undemocratic and fly in the face of all principles of fairness and equality. In New Zealand we have two classes of citizenship – one for Maori, and one for everybody else.

And guess which government changed the Local Govt Act to allow this to happen!?


Proof Journos are lefties

We always knew that journalists we lefties and supported the Labour party.

We have further proof of this with Suburban Newspapers Limited’s staff going on strike tomorrow. Being union members, they all help to subsidise the Labour Party which makes their bias towards the left all the more obvious.

Don’t forget to smile when you drive past the SNL offices tomorrow morning at 666 Gt South Rd, Penrose.

Are they fricken' insane?

Hat tip: LGF

Only Poms would do something so fricken’ dumb.

A MASSIVE mosque that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the Olympic complex in London to be opened in time for the 2012 Games.

The project’s backers hope the mosque and its surrounding buildings would hold a total of 70,000 people, only 10,000 fewer than the Olympic stadium.
Its futuristic design features wind turbines instead of the traditional minarets, while a translucent latticed roof would replace the domes seen on most mosques. The complex is designed to become the “Muslim quarter” for the Games, acting as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators.

More like a hub for bombers, terrorists and nutters. Oh well you reap what you sow.

At least the authorities won’t have far to go.

Some commentors at LGF had this to say;

Good to gather them all in one place.

Like #2 sez, a mosque for 40,000 and this little chromium switch here, …

Great place for a work accident.

Oh wow, just stick an army of terrorists right under the noses of the games. Reminescient
of the German 1972 games anyone?

Iranian President continues tirade

From the Washington Times.

Irans nutcase President is continuing to rail against the west and the US in particular. This man is very dangerous, but he must also be really, really stupid.

Iran’s hard-line president said yesterday the Bush administration should be tried on war-crimes charges, and he denounced the West for pressuring Iran to curb its controversial nuclear program.

"You, who have used nuclear weapons against innocent people, who have used uranium ordnance in Iraq, should be tried as war criminals in courts," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

I mean drawing the ire of the most powerful nation in the world bar none and poking a stick in their face.

Iran couldn’t defeat Saddam Hussein in 15 years of War. The US defeated the same army in less than 15 days. That same army is now battle hardened and just across the border.

Iran continues to defy the UN (I mean who doesn’t these days) over their nuclear program. Being told off by the UN is like being being gummed by a defanged, de clawed, geriatric poodle.

It seems that the only nation capable, willing and able to bring democracy to the world is the US.

What thanks do they get, zip, nada, zilch, only socialist rantings and muellings.