Annoying Journalists

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I ususally try to look on the brighter side of life and, being of a younger generation, try not to believe that all journalists are “smarmy” (to borrow from JT)

Stories like this are changing my mind though.

Was Bridgette Paton-Tapsell so damn bored that she had to go and find a lunchbar, right down in the wops, just to get a story?

Or was she just out to try and catch out Wayne Mapp? Her first sentance certainly seems to suggest so:

NATIONAL’S ERADICATOR of political correctness, Wayne Mapp, is offended but local Maori seem unconcerned about a Bay of Plenty shop that calls itself Golliwog

Now Dr Mapp might like to use big words that quite possibly confused her, but he certainly didn’t say he was offended himself:

“It’s not something I would do. I would not feel comfortable using that word, it’s a word that’s gone from our lexicon because it offends people, because it has been associated with race and serious race discrimination.

“But it is a free country and why would we stop a business that no one is complaining about -ironically.”

Nor was one of the local kaumatua’s unconcerned as Ms Bridgette (get a real name) Paton-Tapsell has tried to suggest.

Local kaumatua John Atutahi, who says half Paengaroa’s population is Maori, did not know of the existence of the store, but finds the name offensive.

“A few years ago when we were going to school a lot of us were called golliwogs or wogs and that wasn’t very nice,” said Atutahi, who is in his 60s.

Although I wouldn’t be, he does sounds pretty concerned to me! And the business owner just wanted to get on with business peacefully too:

The store owner, who would give only her first name – Bev -accused the Sunday Star-Times of stirring and refused to comment, instead hanging up the phone.

Earlier in the day, she said she didn’t think many people were offended by her business name, which was inspired by stitch work her mother did of golliwogs.

Our conclusion to all of this? Bored and lazy journalists are dangerous and a waste of ink and paper.


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