Articles about the French Intifada

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Islamist Threat in France, By Tony Blankley

Two weeks into the appalling explosion of violence in Europe (and the equally appalling French governmental passivity in the face of such violence), most of the world’s media treats this huge event as the third or fourth story on the evening news. From the BBC and CNN to the major newspapers of the world, the story is underreported and mis-reported. On Monday, the Washington Post was still not reporting the story on the front page

Why France Is Burning, By David Ignatius

One day in the late 1970s, the writer James Baldwin was explaining to an Arab friend that he wanted to go back to America after many years as an expatriate in France. “America has found a formula to deal with the demon of race,” Baldwin told Syrian businessman Raja Sidawi, who had a house near him in St. Paul de Vence. In France and the rest of Europe, people pretended that the race problem didn’t exist, Baldwin said, but “someday it will explode.”

Fires illuminate Europe’s problems, Max Boot

BACK IN 1992, when cars were burning in Los Angeles, not Paris, French President Francois Mitterrand thought he knew why. It was, he explained, because of the “absence of social legislation and protection” in a “conservative and economically capitalist” country.

“There can be no comparison between us and what happens elsewhere,” he assured his countrymen, “for France is the country where the level of social protection is the highest in the world.”

Au contraire, mon ami. It is precisely because of France’s high level of “social protection” that it is now experiencing its own version of urban hell. The welfare state that is the pride and joy of postwar France has become a ball-and-chain hobbling its ability to keep up economically with the despised Anglo-Saxons. In the United States, the government spends 35.9% of gross domestic product; in France, it’s 54.5%


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