As if this will stop it

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New Zealand becomes more and more crazy as days go by.

In the Herald this morning a ridiclous article about how having more Maori Police will stem the rising tide of Maori Crime.

WTF, How exactly? Steve Long has afew ideas.

More Maori police were a way of achieving this and ensuring police reflect the diversity of the community.

At present 12 per cent of the country’s 10,000 police force identify as Maori.Mr Long said greater involvement from iwi, hapu and whanau were also seen as a key way to lower crime rates.

“The Maori population is increasing and police need to reflect that. We need to increase that figure to between 15 and 20 per cent.

“We need Maori folk to find Maori solutions for Maori issues.”

What a load of bunkum… about enforcing the law, you stupid bastard?

Now we have proof that the high levels of Police have been captured by leftist bullshit.


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