Benson-Pope continues to deny reality

Just the other day Benson-Pope was saying "I will be making no further comment to the media on this matter." in a forlorn hope that this issue would just go away.

However he has now burst forth in the media saying National and Act are using dirty tricks. Well diddums….you should have read the Police report that said there was a prima facie case to answer… other words they think that based on the evidence supplied thus far they reckon there is a case to answer that really should have been tested in a court but due to the passage of time won’t be.

So , given that with pressure or without the Police decided not to test this in court you now have to suffer the test of the claims in public.

Simply denying these things never happened doesn’t do you any good. Most Kiwis would have accepted you if you had simply said "yep I did it, I regret it, those were different times".

But you didn’t, you lied to Parliament and now you have included the Speaker in your duplicitousness (even though she is a duplicitous cow anyway).

So suffer. You tell lies, so does your leader and most of your caucus, so suffer. 


Tennis Bomb





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