Board Resignations at TVNZ?

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Just had lunch with TVNZ LRWB who tells me that the talk is all about Board resignations being imminent.

He is sure it is not just one either or even two, but could be at least three.

So who? well lets take a look.

Craig Boyce, Chairman: Not likely, fairly competent business man, but could be exposed of the “Public Broadcaster” wonks have gained ascendancy.

Robert Fenwick. Deputy Chair: Good operator.

Bryan Gould: Definate possibility, Political appointee with close ties to Liar-bour.

John Goulter: Not likely only appointed in June of this year

Dame Ann Hercus DCMG: Definate possibility, ex Liar-bour Minister and partisan toady.

June McCabe: Maori woman , who achieved very little at ACC, definate political appointee/toady and thus a target.

Philip Melchior: Competent ex-Reuters man

Trish Stevenson: ex-NZ on Air

Liar-bour will be wanting to calm the waters and avoid a parliamentary enquiry that multiple arties can dig their teeth into. They need an enquiry like I need cancer.

Prediction: Board cleanout as scapegoats.


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