Cullen rejects his own advisors

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Treasury has recommended that the Government:

  • Make “large reductions” in the top 39c and middle 33c personal tax rate.
  • Cut the corporate tax rate from 33c.
  • Reduce high effective marginal tax on welfare assistance such as Working for Families.
  • Dump its plans for a carbon charge.
  • Cut government spending.
  • Consider selling state assets.

These all seem mighty fine ideas to me, but Cullen has a different idea.

But yesterday Cullen called Treasury’s comments “an ideological burp” that came from its advisers every three years.

How typical, instead of sanely debating the reasons why we should continue on with his path he resorts to true lefty form and ridicules the messenger.

National said the Treasury’s papers proved how out of touch and out of date Labour was. Leader Don Brash said Labour also misled the country over the effect of National’s tax plans on the economy.

“Labour argued tax cuts would not improve growth. They were wrong,” Brash said. “Treasury has laid bare for all to see the blatant deception of the Labour re-election campaign.”


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