Curtis loses the plot

Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis is starting to lose the plot. Apparently saying that all New Zealanders should be treated equally is pursuing a racisit agenda.

Curtis says this is the case with Manukau City Councillor Dick Quax after he called the Council’s new committee seperatism. It seems Quax is absolutely right because the Council is separating Maori and non-Maori in Manukau City with their new Maori Standing Committee.

But Mr Quax says the decision to create the committee was race-based by definition.

"That is a form of separatism and people know that.

"There’s a group of people making decisions on behalf of one section of the community. One section of the community is receiving a privilege not open to the rest."

The committee is not going to do anything for the average Maori, Mr Quax says.

"All it does is radicalise decisionmaking.

"You can bet your boots that the recommendations from this committee that go to full council will be radical decisions that we will have to grapple with every month."

For those who weren’t aware, the Manukau Courier last week reported that Curtis was on sick-leave for two weeks. I thought it was for an injured leg, but from this article it could well be a slight problem upstairs:

Sir Barry says he rejects Mr Quax’s comments that the decision to create the committee was race-based and says the recommendations from it will be well argued and well balanced.


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