Inquiry into TVNZ

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Rodney has called for an inquiry into TVNZ. Fair call I guess, and I see that National has indicated that they will be calling for one also.

But there is an even better solution – SELL IT

Why does government need to own a television station? They don’t – the private sector will happily cater for the nation’s entertainment needs.

Why does the government expect TVNZ to make a large profit when they’ve imposed that politically-correct charter? Because they’re stupid – clearly if you impose restrictions like the charter, their ability to generate revenue is limited.

Why is the media, and consequently the country, concerned about the CEO leaving and multiple pay disputes? Because it is still a political entity with a politically appointed board.

Sell TVNZ and cease it to be a political entity and nobody will care what happens inside as long as they producing quality programming.

And they will produce quality programming because they won’t attract advertisers otherwise – that is how it works in the real world


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