"It will only cost $300 million per annum"

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

So said Clark and Cullen on the campaign trail.

Well today it has been revealed the true cost of the student loan bribe is far, far higher than anyone imagined.

The plan to axe interest on student loans will cut $2 billion off the value of the debt students owe the Government.

No matter which way you cut the pie that is a “cost” to the government. much int eh same way the leftists derided tax cuts as a loss of revenue for the country so too is this.

The mendacity of this governemnt knows no bounds. There is a huge difference between 300 million and 2000 million…..how on earth could they have got it so wrong.

Further these lying bastards had the audacity to accuse the mjaor banks of being over the top in their estimates, some of which pale into insignificance in the face of the evidence.


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