Karl du Fresne lines up Peters

Karl du Fresne has joined the growing list of journalists and commentators that are lining up Peters for his fall. They will all be willing helpers in making sure he fails again in government, although I am nor sure how they will be able to protect Aunty Helen for the shit that splatters when it all turn sour.

Anyway here are the money lines from his comentary. 

The problem is, Mr Peters is just not genetically programmed to be in government

At the moment his weapons system is confused because its normal target – the Government – has been placed off-limits. That’s why his range-finder has locked on to the media, its natural default setting. For their part, the media have sniffed blood and are circling like sharks. How else could you explain the presence of so many New Zealand reporters in Malta for an event as stupefyingly boring as Chogm?

The sooner Helen Clark pulls the plug on this unnatural experiment, the more we will be spared embarrassment. And Mr Peters – who I note has adopted the alarming habit of referring to himself in the third person – will be relieved of the humiliation of having to pretend he’s something he isn’t.


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