Letter to Executive Director InternetNZ

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Mr Davidson,

On 1 November, I recieved an abusive post on my blog.Whilst personally I am not offended I thought you might like to know that I record all comments and the originating IP address.

It stated;

“You’re a fucking retard, aren’t you?”

And was posted by someone named Jordan from IP address

Unfortunately the IP address used by the offending commentor resolves to your organisation. As your overview from your website states;

“InternetNZ is a non-profit organisation fostering coordinated and cooperative development of the Internet in New Zealand. Our mission is to promote and protect the Internet, ensuring that it operates in an open and uncapturable environment.”

Thus I fail to see how an employee of your organisation posting such comments is “fostering coordinated and cooperative development of the Internet in New Zealand”.

I am a strong believer in robust discussions and have a very thick skin, I accept all postings on my blog for that very reason. I enjoy differing viewpoints and particularly enjoy well reasoned differing viewpoints. Unfortunately this comment is far from that and is in fact personal abuse.

I am yet to ban the commentor and the IP address as I am hoping that they will see the error of their ways. I am not hopeful as I have been personally abused by this individual before for which I have recieved nothing but further abuse for requesting an apology.

Yours Faithfully



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