Mark Prebble Spits the Dummy

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Ever heard of Dr Bewildered? Reader’s of will probably be familiar with the name of the not so competent Secretary of Labour.

Murray McCully has written in his latest newsletter about how State Services commissioner Mark Prebble has pleading to stop “the making up and repeated use of pejorative names…”

There is bloody good reason for the need to point out significant errors in ways of serveral public servants:

“As Dr Buwalda’s employer I am concerned to ensure that his work environment is reasonable. In line with that concern I request that you stop this abuse,” says Dr Prebble.

Well, we at the worldwide headquarters are concerned to ensure that lying to Members of Parliament, lying to the Ombudsman, and full frontal breaches of the Official Information Act by officials, are resolutely stamped out.

If you can get your head past the self in-dulgent line “we at the worldwide headquarter”, if often quite a good read.


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