More bad press for the Police

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I think things have got so bad that sacking Hawkins is not going to be enough, I think Clark is going to have to sack at least three more Police Ministers as penance for the parlous state she allowed Policing in New Zealand to become.

Former police officer turned private investigator Grace Haden,

has noticed disturbing trends since she left the force 16 years ago to have a family – trends that could be reversed with the use of non-sworn investigators.

The former sergeant, who owns Verisure Investigations, said one in five offences did not make it to investigation level but hiring PIs would help to change that statistic.

She said the problem was so bad that many complaints were not even recorded by police any more.

“Policing is statistics-based, so if you can avoid taking complaints then reported crime goes down and policing looks more effective,” she said.

“Crime has been re-classified. Many things are now called civil and complaints are turned away at the public counter.”

Mrs Haden said it had become extremely difficult and time-consuming to report offences so many people did not bother.


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