NZHerald on Gerry

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Patrick Crewdson has tried to stir up a story about Gerry Brownlee supposedly being on his last legs as deputy leader.

Crewdson has cited an anonymous senior source within the party as saying that a number of MPs didn’t think he was up to the job. Though replacing him at this stage would be a very dumb thing to do, and I don’t think one cock up warrants a full blown coup.

Sure, Gerry probably opened his mouth before he engaged his brain when he took a shot at the Governor-General last week, but that doesn’t mean he needs replacing, nor is a story in that light worth the paper it’s printed on. If mistakes were intolerable, Labour’s whole front bench would have been gone by mid-2000.

Gerry is a good deputy leader to back Don up, especially in the House where Gerry is a good performer who can land big hits on the Government, as well as rattling Margaret Wilson around. As mentioned in the article, he has good political instincts and is witty and forceful in Parliament.

There is certainly no need to consider replacing him at this stage in the new term, however National does seriously need to consider all of its option before the end of next year so that things are firmly in place before the 2008 election year rolls round. At the moment, my money is still on Don/Gerry leadership for 2008.


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