Police 111 system

Police say in the Herald that they may increase their target responce time of 10 minutes because it isn’t being achieved.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. You don’t adjust your target simply because you haven’t been meeting it. You work harder to meet it. In this case that means more resources!

The worst average response times were in Counties/Manukau (31 minutes), Auckland City (14) and Northland (14).

It seems the Deputy Police Commissioner needs to stop trying to do a PR job on the figures and wake up to the facts:

However, Deputy Commissioner Steve Long said the figures were not an accurate representation of actual response times: the main reason for the dramatic increase in the national average time was the miscoding as top-priority of one non-urgent job.

"The job was never closed off by the operator, which meant that its time clock kept on ticking throughout the period and completely blew out the district and national average.

Remember Irena Asher who was lost forever over a bungled 111 call? Well it won’t be getting better anytime soon.


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