Pot, Kettle, Black award goes to…….

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Jordan in his latest posting where he bags right bloggers;

Not only are they not funny, not only do they try to be personally insulting too (which is the sort of pathetic tone-lowering the right tries all around the world)

This from the person who posted the following comment on my blog.

“You’re a fucking retard, aren’t you?”

Not only that he posted it from the InternetNZ network at IP address at

A letter to the Chief Executive went unanswered, so one must conclude that he condones Jordan’s blatant personal insults and tone lowering from work equipment.

Aaron puts it succintly with his comment on Jordan’s post

When it comes to personal insults, I would like to know what Jordan’s position is on a comment attributed to him on Whaleoil’s blog, where he allegedly called someone a “fucking retard”. Now, we all make mistakes and can overreact at the worst of times, but I really think that he’s been caught out red-handed here.

Well done Jordan you a the w(h)inner of the Pot, Kettle, Black award.

Have you ever wondered if the description “Right” is not directional. It is not right as in the opposite of left but Right as in correct.


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