Shareholders destroy what value is left

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It would appear that Liar-bour is setting up a fire sale of a state asset.

What asset?, I hear you say.

A good point you raise. It could almost be described as a liability now.

That asset is TVNZ.

This is what shareholding ministers have to say.

Yesterday, Mr Maharey, the Broadcasting Minister, told National Radio TV3 was “a class act” and TVNZ’s problems attracting the 18-to-34-year-old Auckland viewers were “of course to do with the success of the John Campbell show”.

Last week, Dr Cullen, the Finance Minister, said all TVNZ’s problems would be solved if they were just a bit happier about things.

He suggested TVNZ should look at TV3’s “slick” news programme, adding the ratings could be going their way because “TV3 presents a less relentlessly gloomy and negative view of life than TVNZ tends to do”.

Mmmm….didn’t the Prime Minister say she didn’t want TVNZ being the news….and there go her own ministers maing TVNZ the news yet again.

This situation shows yet again the extreme lack of commercial expertise held by a party made of union hacks, ex-teachers and university lecturers. Not one of them has had any real world experience.

They are now clearly destroying any remaining value in TVNZ.

It is not often I agree with Georgina Te Heu Heu, but she is right on the money with this one.

“Why shareholding ministers would want to run down the brand and encourage the flight of advertisers to TV3 is beyond me,” she said.

“All Labour has done is carp from the fringes while ratings are in freefall.”


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