So where are we at with the Outstanding Inquiries – STILL WAITING

Inquiry 1: The shenangins with Phillip "El Jefe" Field. STILL WAITING

Inquiry 2: The assault of legitimate protesters by Pete "The sniveller" Hodgson. STILL WAITING

Inquiry 3: the Health Funding issues. STILL WAITING

Inquiry 4: Labour rorting the public purse to pay for its election advertising. STILL WAITING

Inquiry 5: Army Cadet abuse inquiry. STILL WAITING

Inquiry 6: David Two-Fathers assaults (tennis ball) on students. Prima Facie case of assault and abuse but no action from Police, yet to face the Speaker for lying to Parliament, unlikely to ever be brought before the Privileges Committee given the blantant partisanship of the Speaker. Outcome: WHITEWASH


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