Stick this where the sun don't shine

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For all you sanctimonious lefties out there, this is why some of these Muslim nutters are definately not on anyones side but their own.

Abu Bakir (arrested in Melbourne)

“Jihad is part of my religion,” he said. “What you have to understand is that anyone who fights on behalf of Allah, when he dies, the first drop of blood that comes out, all his sins will be forgiven.”

“My religion doesn’t tolerate other religion … The only law to spread – here or anywhere – has to be Islam.”

Sheik Leghaei (awaiting deportation in Australia)

Agents found a notebook containing a handwritten translation of a book called Jihad and Islam .

The book identified three jihad targets: Infidels who did not accept the Koran as the book of heaven; those who took up arms against the Prophet; and those in Islamic states who refuse to pay tribute to Muslims.

“It is a Muslim’s basic duty to wipe out the above classes,” the translation said.


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